Consult a CA, Financial Advisor & Lawyer


An integrated platform for individual financial management problems – problems related to tax compliances, calculating expenses, ensuring savings, investing at the right time in right options, managing investments and ensuring your legacies are preserved. All this is complex assuming the hassles of multiple accounts & forgotten passwords, different processes for different activities and different contact points for each work. Optymoney automates each activity with an option to avail advanced personalised services in a secured and simplified manner. Complex options in a financial world needs to be simplified and to be addressed in more innovative ways. Optymoney and its team of experts brings to you tools and information to help you achieve your financial goals and making compliances, savings and investing profitable fun and stress free.

ITR Filing

Identifying reliable CA’s with good track records. Real time advisory on complex matters. Correct computation of income.

Document Management

Scattered information leading to perpetual chaos. Confusion leading to financial indiscipline. Failure to comply with legal and regulatory compliances.

Wealth Management

Too much paper work. Monitoring growth & risk in investments.

Will Creation

Getting appointment with lawyers. Appropriate guidance while creating a will. Confusion in legal terminology – nominee, beneficiary, executors ?


Access to financial information is difficult and clutters our life. Make choices best for you and your family. But does your family know about all your bank accounts,all your investments, all your properties, your taxation issues and your insurance policies. Solve your problem, bring all on a single platform with one click.


Read the news and blogs ..tax FAQs, investment tips, Government updates, notifications, money mantras to become rich and compliant. Don’t just save, invest and don’t just invest, track and don’t just file, track the same.

A balanced approach
to Money Management

Save Tax
Save for Growth
Save for Family’s Future

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Fly with your
dreams be it any place

what does it need – money, plan and
right compliances. VISA applications requires 3 years of your ITR

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Small savings today
leads to big gains

Easy ways to invest your household savings Your birthday blessings can secure your education, find out how

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